Police Chief Mark Fronterotta Welcomes Community to the IPD Website

The men and women of the Inglewood Police Department join me in welcoming you to our website, a visual presentation of the dynamic community we serve.

This website contains information to assist you in working with us to address community needs. We believe you will enjoy touring our website. It is userfriendly, convenient, and contains a wealth of information. It is one more way we strive to communicate with you. We have learned that, through the Internet, we are able to provide extensive information to a wide spectrum of users with varying interests and needs. Our website also allows users to familiarize themselves with our job availabilities, programs, services, news and crime information.

Our website enables you to become an active partner with us in combating crime and enhancing the quality of life in our community. This occurs by your being informed about your police department and your community. Through our website, you are also able to inform us about concerns, problems, and relevant information which may result in our preventing criminal activity, solving crimes, and addressing other issues of importance. We welcome comments on the content, requests for additional items, or suggestions to improve our website.

We are endeavoring to enhance our community support. As such, you must know your concerns are important to us and we will do our best to resolve them. During these challenging times, community support is essential. Partnerships with the community and other federal, state and local entities will enable us to provide the resources our community needs to serve as the beacon for the South Bay.

Thank you for partnering with the Inglewood Police Department in furtherance of reducing crime and enhancing the quality of life in our community.