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Citizen Complaint Reporting Procedure

During this year, members of the Inglewood Police Department will arrest about 40,000 individuals on charges ranging from major felonies to minor traffic infractions. In addition, they will serve as arbitrators in thousands of other cases where they will be asked to resolve differences between individuals or groups. Many times, the decisions made by the officers will restrict freedom and liberty of individuals. Their actions may, at times, materially affect the course of people's lives.

The Inglewood Police Department fully realizes that police involvement in these complex and often emotionally charged situations may not always be fully acceptable to the involved parties. Even though each decision is made after carefully considering the facts available and the individual's rights, there will often be those who feel they have a just complaint.

The Inglewood Police Department recognizes its obligation to listen to these complaints and fully investigate any charges made against the Department or its officers. In keeping with this philosophy, we have an obligation to the community to provide them with a convenient system for registering their complaints. To assist the concerned citizen, we are outlining the complaint procedures with the hope that you never have to use them.

Who Can File?

Anyone who is directly involved or witnesses an incident from which a complaint arises. In the case of juveniles, it is desirable, but not necessary, that the parents be present. However, it is the Department's policy to notify the parent(s) of the juvenile whenever a complaint is accepted.

Whom Does One Contact?

Complaints should be made to the officer's immediate supervisor, to the on-duty Watch Commander, or to the Internal Affairs Division.

How Can a Complaint Be Filed?

A complaint may be filed by personally contacting the Police Department and furnishing complete details of the incident, as well as the names of all witnesses or parties involved. The complainant will be requested to write a statement in his/her own handwriting and sign the statement. You will be provided with a copy of your statements for your own record.

While personal contact is desirable, initial complaints may be made by telephone or letter. However, it will be necessary for the complainant to make a written statement and remain available to the investigator for a personal interview.

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Acceptance of Complaint

It is the policy of the Department that all complaints against the Department or its officers will be accepted, documented, and investigated by a responsible authority.

Who Will Investigate the Complaint?

It is the decision of the Chief of Police to assign the investigation to the officer's immediate supervisor, the on-duty Watch Commander or, in more serious cases, the Internal Affairs Division.

How Thorough Will the Investigation Be?

Our objective is to complete a thorough and impartial investigation which discloses the truth. Every effort will be expended to satisfactorily conclude the investigation. This includes referring the complaint to an outside investigative agency such as the District Attorney's Office when necessary.

Who Makes The Final Decision?

The Chief of Police, after reviewing all of the facts, makes the final decision on the validity of the complaint, and when appropriate, the discipline to be administered. The Chief will rely on the investigative results, as well as recommendations furnished by the affected employees's immediate supervisor and Division Commanding Officer.

What Can Happen to the Officer?

If the complaint is valid, the discipline may range from written reprimand to dismissal. If the officer's conduct was criminal in nature, the matter is referred to the District Attorney's Office.

What Can Happen to the Complaining Party?

There are no repercussions as long as the complainant is truthful in regard to the allegations.

What about Notification?

By law, the results of police personnel investigations are confidential and cannot be disclosed to the public. However, when the investigation is concluded, you will be notified that the investigation of the disposition of the matter.

If Dissatisfied with the Results, What Can Be Done?

If you, as the complainant, feel that your case has not been thoroughly investigated and justice has not been served, you have several options. You may contact your representative in the City Council, the City Administrator or, in some cases, the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office or Grand Jury.

Further Information

Any further information relative to the complaint process may be directed to Internal Affairs Division, (310) 412-5318.